Simplicity in Change

Things were simpler in the past. Global warming wasn’t as pressing an issue as now, the air wasn’t as polluted and life wasn’t as hectic.

It’s no doubt that creature comforts like modern technology and cars have made life more comfortable. It’s very easy now to keep in touch with loved ones, or drive anywhere you fancy.

However, to every positive, there has to be a negative. Modernisation and industrialisation has brought about adverse change to the environment. The more modern the world becomes, the more polluted it also becomes.

And, everyone seems to be jumping on the ‘Save the Earth’ bandwagon. However, in our quest to fix our planet, we may end up making things worse.

Just like how our drive to create a more comfortable life, ends up complicating it further.

I’ll illustrate this with a story.

“A student was meditating but kept getting distracted by a mouse scurrying around him.

He complained to his teacher and he told him to get a cat that would eventually scare the mouse away.

He heeded his advice and the mouse was soon gone. However, he now had another problem – the cat wouldn’t stop meowing.

So, he went back to his teacher and he said to give the cat some milk as it was probably thirsty.

To produce milk for the cat, the student got a cow.

Now he had both the cow and the cat to take care of.

It eventually got to be too much for the poor student so his teacher advised him to get a wife who could help him.

The student got married and soon, had children.

Now, with a family to provide for, he had no choice but to take on a job for money.”

So, in the end, was one mouse really a problem? In getting rid of it, the student brought more complications into his life. By fixing one problem, 10 more arose.

The same can be said of our planet. In our mission to fight climate change, we might be hastening the process.

Hence, the moral of the story is: Don’t try to fix the planet; it is perfect the way it is.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director
QI Group

14 thoughts on “Simplicity in Change

  1. Brilliant one Japa 🙂

    You and Dato somehow get to know whats bothering us and send answers bang on time 🙂

    God bless You Loads !


  2. Hello Mr. Bismark,

    Thank you for the insight you have given in the article. After going through this article I am little confused. I have been running a small campaign in my society with few more like minded friends where I live. This campaign is about going Green by doing more tree plantation, educating other members of society about how hazardous to use plastic, maintaining the cleanliness, etc. With this campaign there many activity happening leading to some complications as you have described in Article.

    Am I correct to do so? Or just leave it the way it is?

    I am sure you will make things simpler for me to clear my confusion.

    Always love to hear you and appreciate your support.

    Harshal Dalal
    IR: HG129284

    • Dear Harshal,

      I am sorry to have caused you confusion, but I did not mean that we should not care for our health, environment or for people in general.
      My point was that it would be a waste of the human form if we only focus on improving our material facilities for eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Animal propensities have become the only focus or goal in life, in society. There must also be cultivation of spiritual knowlege side by side the study of nescience.

      It is very troublesome to walk on one leg; we must learn to walk on both our two legs.
      Material and Spiritual represent that balance we need to be centered, and become happier human beings.

      Thank you,

  3. Dear Japa,

    Thank you for the simple words. I was thinking on these lines a few days ago after watching “the secret”.

    I was wondering that when the entire universe is abundant, why worry about “running out of “fossil fuels, energy limitations, pollution, etc”, even the so-called man-made/synthetic things are not actually man-made! Everything around us is part of our planet and will eventually be returned back to nature.

    Our planet will fix itself in due course of time.

    I would love you input on my thoughts.

    • Dear Erfan,

      The problem is, the entire universe is not abundant. We are slowly depleting Earth’s resources because of our activities.

  4. Dear Japa,
    You made it simple and as simple it is for everyone to understand and accept it… You are great !! Love you Japa !!!! Someday will one be along side with you….and am working towards it… Simplicity !!! “Things are thieves of time” ~ Nathan Gardels….

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