“Let the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”

This phrase is one that I heard often during my childhood.

Criticism is part and parcel of life. There will always be dogs barking at us but we shouldn’t let them affect us. Like the caravan, we should move on, instead of trying to stop them.

We get so bothered by criticism that our natural reaction is to try to explain ourselves. In the end, all of our energy is spent worrying about that instead of being productive.

If people perceive us based on the rumours they’ve heard, we don’t need them in our life anyway. After all, these same people defaming you today will become your biggest fans the moment you attain success.

In fact, we should not focus on being popular. In business, you would be required to make decisions that are not necessarily popular. You can’t please everyone.

Instead, let’s tune out these naysayers and focus our energy on doing the best job we can.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director
QI Group

4 thoughts on “Criticism

  1. I think we shall be always open to negative opinions against to us, however this opinions always puts away us and sometimes destroy our force for a while, considering that nowadays we have in curtain time frame it is not good.
    My opinion that we have to listen our Coach or person who is real lieder. There are so many people talking, advising instead of doing single steps.
    So I think we better run away from this type of people who doesn’t even deserve our attention. We have to be our own players of life

  2. Dear Mr. Bismark

    Thanks for the information’s here, I printed all information from string and reading very often which changes me even it is not so easy, however I believe that only changing myself I can change the world as I would like to see. I know the success is depending finding a coach B, but as you mentioned in seminar Belif we have to make decision and learn from our mistakes, and that is all life about it.

    Many thanks

  3. Dear Japa,

    Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, for the hard work that you & Dato and the rest of the team are doing for the people. Its never easy to lead people to enlightenment and wisdom. I thank you again, that you & Dato are leading us into the light. I know i am HOME and with the right family now. My prayers have been answered. Thank You, Sir. Om.
    Love, Pearl Koh (Spore)

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