The Uncomfortable Truth

Rome was one of the founding cities of Western Civilisation. For more than a thousand years, Rome was the largest, strongest, richest and most politically powerful city in the Western World. Rome won battles. The people of Rome were prosperous. Rome was an empire.

Perhaps the only thing more famous than the prosperity of the Roman Empire is the decline of the Roman Empire.

There are many theories that have been floated since the 18th Century about why the Roman Empire ‘fell’. Almost all of them share a common denomination at their core: At the height of Roman success, the emperors thought they were immortal, undefeatable, and indestructible. They had nestled into a comfort zone at the very top of the world, and into this comfort zone crept complacency. And from complacency, they fell.

A valuable lesson can be learnt here. A comfort zone is a very scary place to find yourself in. A comfort zone is detrimental to your drive and passion. Before long, you are not as ‘hungry’ anymore to better yourself. You don’t work out as much. You don’t push yourself or challenge yourself. You procrastinate.

Nothing is permanent in this world. When you find yourself in a comfort zone, ask yourself this: “If everything I have worked hard to achieve was taken away from me, would I be able to go back and live a simpler life and cut down on my lifestyle?”

Be ready. Be introspective. We should recognise success as the place from which we can acknowledge our own accomplishments and possessions, and start looking outwards to the world. How can you use what you have achieved to help others? How can you better yourself while bettering others at the same time? How can you Raise Yourself To Help Mankind?

Please take a moment to ponder… It is scary to get comfortable. We should not be complacent because it kills us. It kills our drive, our perception and our passion. And without these, where are we? Who are we?


Joseph Bismark

Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

3 thoughts on “The Uncomfortable Truth

  1. Hari Aum,
    When we limit ourselves to boundaries we tend to create a comfort zone – the boundaries are just the projection of the mind that loves to be in the comfort zone. A person who keeps the fuel burning beyond the boundaries is the one who each time Raises Himself to Help Others in Life – The only thing that person sees is his goal to be achieved in life and that keeps him away from the comfort zone – Sleep only gets in the way –
    Mamta Chhabria

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