The Vital Code

Many of you will already know that I take my health very seriously and I believe in looking after the body we are given.

I was recently asked to write an Afterword for a book about a revolutionary new multivitamin concept that I support, and while writing this Afterword, it made me think just how easily we confuse the meaning of success.

I would like to share this Afterword with you all.

The Vital Code

AFTERWORD by Joseph Bismark

Our bodies are like vehicles; the most advanced, superior vehicles ever made. They are also the most important vehicle we will ever own. Like all other vehicles, our bodies need regular tune-ups. They need to be purged of toxins. And they need to be nourished with nutrients and replenished with fuel to enable performance at our bodies’ designed peak.

Unfortunately, the environment we live in today is not as generous with the natural ‘refuelling’ of our vehicles as it once was. The air has been compromised with pollutants and our water has been sacrificed. The commercialisation of food, fruit and vegetables, has sapped the nutrients out of the natural sources we depend upon to sustain the well being of our bodies.

In this world, we must triple our efforts in looking after ourselves. Sometimes, people forget the importance of the physical body, opting to spend thousands of dollars on the things that adorn and house the body – clothes, cars, homes – but then balk at the idea of investing time and money in their physical self and their health.

Success is not smoking a cigar to celebrate a corporate victory, nor is success about drinking champagne to signify a promotion. Real success and real wealth is in nothing other than good health. A healthy life is a successful life.

A healthy, successful life means good, regular exercise, controlling stress levels, and maintaining a balanced diet. Regrettably, a healthy diet is not as simple as it once was, due to busy lifestyles and processed foods. Taking into consideration the pesticides and agricultural chemicals used, transport and storage processes, preservatives, and other manufacturing elements; even fruit and vegetables have become an unreliable source of the fuel needed to drive our bodily vehicles. For these reasons, dietary supplements have become the bridging gap between the foods we eat and the vitamins and minerals we need to maintain optimum health.

The Vital Code is not a magical pill that instantly makes you healthy. Nothing is a magical pill that solves all your health woes. But after reading this book and learning about the research and discoveries that have resulted in The Vital Code, it is clear that this is one of the most beneficial tools you can introduce into your lifestyle to give you the best chance at creating a holistic and healthy living approach to your body’s requirements. The Vital Code has been so meticulously pieced together that it ‘understands’ the body and answers the body’s calls for assistance.

Any form of breakthrough in helping our body to achieve and sustain its maximum health is something that I wholeheartedly welcome. The Vital Code goes beyond platonic remedying of our bodies’ ills. The secret to the vitality of our bodies’ needs has been unlocked with this product. We have the opportunity to truly invest in our body and in our future and to achieve true wealth in the health of our vehicle.

Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

4 thoughts on “The Vital Code

  1. Dear Mr. Bismark,

    Having been expose in the wellness business, it drastically change my perception on how the "multi-billion" dollar food processed businesses in itself contributed not only to the deteriorating health of people worldwide and ecological imbalance of mother earth but have actually created a lifestyle that made cancer as a "normal" disease.

    Qi investing in wellness and prevention business is first and foremost a contribution to societies health care reform. In all countries, people spend half of their waking day at work, leaving them little time to pursue measures to promote a healthy lifestyle. With Qi’s new venture in health and wellness, it is merely a validation of putting their employees and networkers well being on top of their lists.

    On a business point of view, it will eventually send a good karma to Qi by lowering its rising health care costs to its employees, preventative health care is an easy way for a company to cut down on those costs, while increasing employee productivity and general workplace satisfaction.

    In 2007 Price Water cooper House Health Research, more than half of multinational corporations surveyed are expected to introduce or expand corporate wellness programs over the next five years.

    The global workforce is becoming fatter, sicker and less productive due to chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes work becomes more sedentary, according to the results of the study.

    The document calls on global CEO’s to make wellness central to their corporate business strategy, suggesting that multinational employers have the greatest stake in and best opportunity to prevent chronic disease.

    " Needless to say, there are quantifiable benefits our company will eventually rake in from using wellness programs to attract and retain talented employees & networkers. Not only it will contribute to the health and well-being of all, also bolstering company’s bottom line. The economic case for prevention is overwhelming."

    Qi "Working Toward Wellness" is the next big change I personally look forward in bringing "Wealth and Health" as the next freedom. If the past 10 years was all about financial freedom, why not redefine that freedom with health in the next ten years.


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