Top Ten Traits for a Successful Networker

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Top Ten Traits for a Successful Networker

Network marketing is a people business. You tap into an unlimited pool of contacts and help them build their own business or market/sell the company’s products and services. Either way, the cultivation of relationships with potential businesspeople is for the mutual benefit of both you and them.

Network marketing can be very rewarding in terms of achieving financial reward and personal freedom, but it requires the networker’s determined effort of developing, maintaining, and/or renewing relationships with a sizeable number of social and professional contacts.

Do you think you have what it takes to bring you to the top of the trade? Yes, you do! All you need is to embody these 10 traits found in highly successful networkers:

1. Persistence in Follow-up
Ranked as the most important trait, following up means that when you say you’re going to do something when you say you’re going to do it, you follow it through. Follow-up builds your credibility and trust with your network.

2. Positive Attitude
A positive attitude is both contagious and magnetic. When you are positive, it makes people want to associate and cooperate with you. Being around a positive thinking person gives people confidence that obstacles can be overcome and actions will lead to results.

3. Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm, just like positive thinking, is a motivation in itself. Enthusiastic networkers receive the respect of their networks and motivate people to make things happen.

4. Trustworthiness
Trust is earned and plays a huge role in your credibility. In networking, your personal and professional reputation is at stake. You need to be able to get the trust of your prospects especially where money and commitment are involved.

5. Good Listening Skills
Listening to the needs and problems of the people in your network shows sincerity in the mutual purpose of helping each other to succeed.

6. Commitment to Networking 24/7
Master networkers ‘never say die’. They are like the Energizer Bunny (“Keep Going”). They never waste an opportunity that is presented to them on a daily basis, and they take the chance to network wherever they are.

7. Gratitude
Expressing gratitude to business associates and customers is just another building block in cultivating relationships that will lead to increased referrals. People appreciate professionals who express gratitude and will not hesitate to help and support these grateful people once again the next time around.

8. Helpfulness
Master networkers are always on the alert for opportunities to advance other people’s interests. It is in their heart to help others succeed whenever they can, simply because they get joy out of it.

9. Sincerity
One of the best ways to develop sincerity is to show undivided attention. Don’t multitask and keep eye contact while you are dealing or talking with people. Be sincere in showing interest or people will sense otherwise.

10. Dedication to One’s Network
Master networkers keep an organised network. They are fully aware of the contact information and networking status of their prospects and ‘downlines’. They know their point persons and make an effort to get to know the new contacts.

These ten traits help foster long-term relationships with the people who will grow and succeed with you in the business. Take the time to demonstrate them in your daily networking and in due time you will be among the self-made success stories in business.


Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

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