Pay It Forward

Network marketing has always appealed to me as being a truly unique and beautiful industry. By personally touching the lives of a few, we can change the lives of many. It is like a game of pass-the-parcel.

QuestNet has perfected a genuine business opportunity and then taken this opportunity and passed it onto our network of Independent Representatives. This opportunity is continually being passed on, like a parcel of goodwill, financial freedom and success, changing lives with every passing of hands.

With this is mind, I’d like to recommend every one of you take the time to watch a movie that should be close to the hearts of every network marketer around the world:

‘Pay it Forward’:

It contains many lessons for us, also sharing the same principle as networking, that by helping others we can create a ripple effect of goodwill that can affect many more – exponentially.

The movie, ‘Pay It Forward’, is a remarkable, touching film that focuses on a small boy and his school project. The project is simple: think of something that will change the world, and then put it into action.

The boy decides to do a favour for three strangers. Instead of these three people ‘paying him back’, they are asked to ‘pay it forward’, meaning each person who was the recipient of this one boy’s random act of kindness, is then asked to go forward and do something good for three other people.

This creates a chain of good deeds that spreads outwards, and more and more people are touched by the generosity of strangers from city to city. It is a film that shows how the kindness of one person can be contagious, and the help of one person can result in benefit to many.

Please take a moment to ponder…

In network marketing, we have the chance to help as many people as we can. But our help shouldn’t stop there. For each person we reach out to with our business opportunity, who knows how many more people will benefit as a result?

If we ‘pay it forward’, each of us can truly change the world.


Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

One thought on “Pay It Forward

  1. ahhhhhh unbelievabe, i just read this blog for the first time and am thrilled by the fact that i have always loved that movie and related it to NETWORK MARKETING. This is it…. Help a few to have a beeter life and in turn they do the same! Duplication takes place and 9 lives you dont even know are improved! Beautiful.

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