The Fundamentals of Networking – Do Your Homework

Many of my readers of Gems are networkers. It is the life we live and breathe. So, I think it appropriate to spend some time talking about the principles of networking. I want to go back to basics and discuss what makes us successful in the beginning of this business. Self-development and character building is important, but in the business of network marketing, you also need to have the skills of a networker. I mean, just because someone is a good person doesn’t make them a good driver of a car. The same applies to networking.

In the next few Gems, I would like to address three basic areas of networking: Prospecting, Inviting, and Presenting. But before we get into any of that, you need to do your homework first.

I think of a network marketing company as a cake with many pieces. If I don’t like one of the pieces, I would not join that particular company.  These ‘pieces of cake’ include considerations such the wider direct selling industry, the company’s background, the network, the corporate management, the compensation plan, and the products.

Make sure you know about the industry, and the difference between pyramiding and legitimate networking. Make sure you know the company you will represent. A good network marketing or direct selling company must have a good, strong sales force or marketing team in terms of the actual network, and the corporate management must be intact and effective. There needs to be that balance. Also, immerse yourself in the compensation plan to ensure it is structured for longevity. If a company has no limits to its payouts, then you know the company won’t last.

Be sure you actually try the products. If you are promoting the products of a company, it is hypocritical and ineffective to promote something you have never used, or a product that you don’t even like. Another consideration is to find out what type of training and support the company offers. This is an important factor in your growth as a networker.

Before you even think about your prospect list or earning potential, make sure you have done this basic background research and that you have taken the time to understand the industry, the company, the compensation plan, and the products. As your life as a networker develops, you will be very thankful that you did.



Joseph Bismark


Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

3 thoughts on “The Fundamentals of Networking – Do Your Homework

  1. Dear Master Japa,

    i am waiting for reading and sharing and applying new comments about Networking.

    i am ready….

  2. Hari Om,
    When i first saw Quest opportunity in Jan 2005, i knew it then that this was the only opportunity in which i will be able to achieve my dreams. I fell in love with the numismatic product, the company and its mission RYTHM. It touched my heart , and today i am networking since 4 years. I never knew what was networking until i came accross Quest. Earning money was one of the aspects , but as i underwent training i realised the importance of vision and dreams in life. I realised the importane of helping people in life.. I remember seeing your training CD on emptying our minds and doing it as beginner. Today is the time that in this challenging moments in India , I have been closely keeping my beautiful team together because we all believe in Quest and we are with Quest.. Networking has bounded us all and we are a family today. As i always repeat here to all- " Quest is my Mother , she has nurtured me spiritually and financially , i will never leave her .."
    Regards and Prayers,
    Mamta Chhabria
    The Visionaries – India

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