Choose Your Coach on the Sports Field of Business

We play on the sports field of business. Whether it is in network marketing or in the corporate world, we are all players and are all part of a team. This game that we play every day of our lives can be difficult.

Our performance not only reflects on ourselves, but on our whole team. From within ourselves, we must find the motivation, the strength, the passion, and the commitment to push ourselves to succeed. We must also have the right external factors, such as training to make our team strong, the right equipment, and the right coach.

On this sports field of business, there are two possible coaches we can choose from: Coach A and Coach B.

Coach A supports us, but doesn’t push us. Coach A is OK with mediocre and is more concerned about not offending us or hurting our feelings. Coach B, on the other hand, supports us, pushes us, and may even drive us to frustration with his relentless commitment to propel us to fulfil our potential and beyond. This coach is not concerned about whether or not he hurts our feelings.

Let’s say we are playing football in the hot sun. It’s been a long day. The scores are even and there are 30 seconds left in the match. Your body is aching and you don’t think you can take another step, but your teammate passes you the ball and there’s a gap in the defence ahead. Coach A sees how exhausted you are and talks to you from the sidelines, saying, “You’re tired, take it easy. Don’t push yourself. There’s always next week’s game.” Coach B, however, yells at you to “Pick up the pace! Don’t give up now! I don’t care if you collapse at the end, but you can make that touchdown and you will make that touchdown! There is no tomorrow. This is IT!”

Unfortunately, many people seek out a Coach A in their life. Having a Coach A allows us to be more comfortable in trying, but allows us to not feel pressured to try too hard. Coach A reassures us that average and lacklustre is good enough.

I challenge you to seek out a Coach B in your life to push you to your limits. Associate yourself with the type of person who will teach you to never give up and who will never let you give up. And do not resent them for this. If you have made a decision to play on a team, to work in a company, or to thrive in a network, then there is no excuse not to give that decision 100% of your effort, your passion, and your dedication. Having a Coach B helps you to do this.

Please take a moment to ponder… Do you have Coach A in your life? Are you perhaps your own Coach A? Are you OK with mediocre, or do you dream of something bigger and better? Are you shutting out a Coach B because it is just ‘too hard’ to move up and out of your comfort zone?

It is time to choose your coach.


Joseph Bismark

Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

6 thoughts on “Choose Your Coach on the Sports Field of Business

  1. Many people in life cannot take pressure , because their mind feels uneasy …
    So these people will always want to be in their comfort and do a natural act of life and will prefer coach "A"… They may also never see any results for themselves even if they are just one step away from it… They give up as they cannot take that EXTRA DEGREE of PRESSURE….

    Whereas I have valued the importance of coach "B" , because i am what i am due to this implications… Initially it is very very difficult… Because we all have EGOES , but then when i became aware of my own transformation in the process , i realised the importance of it… Life has been more solid , and it has also been more stable…

    The essence of coach "B" along with Trust makes everything POSSIBLE…
    Nothing can be achieved in the comfort zone , certain amount of pressure is necessary…

    In the end , the bottom line is – " That the coach "B" are also people with feelings and emotions who care for the best of all… "

    Success to All…
    Mamta Chhabria
    The Visionaries

  2. Dear Mr. Bismark

    I agree in so many ways that we need to find a coach where it will propel us not only to excel but to always conquer all of our self imposed limitations, but we should simply not limit our choice to a and b.

    There is a third option c : where this type of leadership is something that needs to be emulated it is the kind of coach that leaves a foundation in once value formation in leadership, through the years i’ve been blessed to be trained and under the guidance of coaches where first and foremost they use compassion, sensitivity, empathy, kind words and respect to one’s feelings in motivating a person to excel, not to discourage or push till it hurts, because only a hand full will realize the good intention behind it.

    I maybe wrong, but i have yet to see people who would realize what coach b is doing within the process without even remotely thinking of giving up. At the end of it all nobody can motivate a person, its always from within and therefore coaches can only provide an environment of motivation for its people to respond positively and compassion, empathy and sensitivity to one’s feeling is an integral part of building a high performance team.

    I do believe you are C, in between a & b.

  3. I definately need a Coach B inorder to make this lifetime count and fulfill my ultimate purpose in life. I am glad that i’ve embarked on this vehicle 7yrs ago and found my Coach Bs in life, who truly humbled me with their patience and relentless commitment in making sure I succeed in life. I feel so blessed with these associations which allow me the chance of stepping out from mediocre to finding meaning in Life..

    Nameste Japadas, Nameste Zensen.. Appreciate your patience and commitment.

    Josephine Kuek (Singapore)

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