The Importance of Milestones

When I think of milestones, I do not think of material wealth or things that I have gained. I think of milestones as points in our lives when we have reached personal achievements within ourselves or for the benefit of others. To me, success is relative. It is relevant to the person, and for me, success is certainly not material or about status or about money.

Some people say I am successful, but I do not feel successful and I am not successful in many areas. I might meet someone who can speak ten languages and I think to myself how successful they are. I can only speak two languages and I truly respect those who have learnt to speak many. The day I can speak ten languages will certainly be a milestone for me!

When we do reach these milestones, we must acknowledge them. We must reflect on them and ponder how we are going to continue to better ourselves and others. In a recent speech by US President Barack Obama, he said: “You will be judged on what you have built; not what you have destroyed.” When I heard this, I had to write it down because it is so true. If we reach a milestone, and have had to destroy others – whether it be the possession of others or the hopes of others – it cannot be considered a milestone. But if we have helped, raised or built others on our way, then our achievement can truly be considered a milestone.

Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director
QI Ltd