Friday, 21 November, 2008

Living on Borrowed ‘Time’

The human population has come to an understanding and consensus about the existence of this elusive factor called ‘Time’. But what is amazing is just how little importance each of us actually places on managing whatever ‘Time’ we have available to us.

‘Time’ ticks on tirelessly and is always progressing relentlessly, representing our past, our present and our future all combined. Drastic changes to our world have taken place, and events have come and gone brought about by ‘Time’. Growth, maintenance and inevitable old age and death will come as our ‘Time’ in this world passes by and ends. ‘Time’ will continue on long after we have passed away.

We have made machines that we call watches to somehow keep track of, and mark the passing of, ‘Time’. We all know that ‘Time’ consists of the past, present and future; will continue to tick by; and has no mercy or regard for anyone, even a dying man.

So what are we doing about it?

Most of us try to bury ourselves with the shallow business of life so that we don’t have to stop and face the facts about our ‘Time’ until it hits us right in the face. In the case of a person finding out that he has cancer and has only six months to live, this person’s perspective on life will drastically change once knowing that he has only a small amount of allotted ‘Time’ left to live. His priorities will change and he will value every minute of that ‘Time’ in a very different manner than the rest of us who may take our ‘Time’ for granted. Spending this ‘Time’ uselessly will no longer be a luxury available to him. Do we have to wait for such an emergency notice before we start valuing and managing our time? Do you have a contract on how long you can stay on in this world?

Not everyone is so lucky to find out how much time they have left. For most people, there is no warning when time ceases to be available to them. It comes in one big bang and as one big shock.

“Wait, I am not ready! I still have a lot to prepare for! I have to tell my wife and kids that I love them! Oh wait, what will happen to my bank accounts? Who will take care of my family? Can I have more time?” This is the cry of the dying man.

Nobody likes to talk about this absolute end to our reality. We do not want to face it until it comes to face us at the very end. But is this the right way to deal with ‘Time’? Should we not be prepared to face it when our ‘Time’ ends? Should we not be ready, so that we won’t be sorry? Should we not use our ‘Time’ wisely, so we can help others and make a difference in the world?

Let us use our ‘Time’ to make the world a better place for future generations to live in. We should stop thinking that we will be here forever, so we can focus on the important facets of our lives:

Cultivation of spiritual knowledge, (Religion in the true sense) love, family, health, community service…

Please take some ‘Time’ to ponder and learn how to use your borrowed ‘Time’ wisely.


Joseph Bismark

Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

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