Definitive Success

How do you define success? Is it an end result? Is it something you strive for? Or is success a moving target to which you pace yourself?

What is success?

What is required to ‘be’ a success?

When it comes to success, the first thing I tell myself is that it is relative. The benchmarks I set for myself to be successful will be different to that of my neighbour. The second thing about success that I always remember is that the journey to reach the destination of success is paramount.

It is interesting to consider that there are six types of ‘opulence’, and each can be regarded as a measurement of success: strength; fame; wealth; knowledge; beauty; renunciation. So, when people talk about success, everyone’s definition will be different. Yet, despite the difference in definition, the essence is the same.

But what determines success? I would not want to relate success to wealth or having a certain amount of money in the bank; I would sooner relate success to knowledge and renunciation. Athletes may associate success with strength, while politicians may associate it with power, and a model may regard success as a measurement of beauty.

Fame is also a form of opulence, but you can be famous but not necessarily wealthy, another form of opulence. In life, you can have one and not another… are you still a success? Are you a failure? Such a question has haunted many a man, but in truth, success is not just ‘one’ thing. In light of this realisation, it is truly beneficial to continually challenge your own perception of success, and come to terms with your own relative, definitive benchmark for success.

But not only is success relative, it is a journey. Would I turn my back on an opportunity just because it was a lot of hard work? If I never set myself goals for which I had to better myself in the process of achieving, then how could I consider myself successful? What have I really achieved if the difficulty of the process wasn’t proportionate to the success of the end achievement?

The journey is more important than reaching the destination and it is within that journey that we grow and uncover the true meaning of success. A certain path of activity will bring you to a certain type of destination. Change that activity, change that habit, and you change that destiny.

You can’t change your destiny of NOW because your past is behind you. But you can change your destiny of TOMORROW because the future looms ahead. Change the nature of your activity, then you can change the fruit that you will be enjoying or suffering. This doesn’t allow us to determine success, but it allows us to see it for what it really is… a journey that is unique and relative to each and every one of us.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director
QI Group

4 thoughts on “Definitive Success

  1. Mr. Joseph,

    I could not agree more to the words you wrote.
    We are all unique and all of us started in life from different position, therefore we can only measure our achievements to our true potentials.
    My goal in life is to become free, to have enough wealth not to collect endless string of fancy things but to be able to do the things that I like that will ultimately make me better person.
    The beauty of QNet business opportunity is the "helping other people to succeed" part because helping others everyone is helping themselves in the process. And that is prime reason I have choosen QNet.
    I am newly appointed IR from Croatia and still learning the ropes of this business. It is still early to say but I have great feeling about the QNet presence in Croatia in near future.
    Best regards,
    Ante Mjehovic

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  3. Dear Japa,

    This reminds me of Dato’s 25 Year Plan he declared during Vcon 2014.

    In anycase my friend i stive to live my life by the values which embodies the empire you and dato have built together. which requires discipline……..alot of it.

    which brings me to my observation of life. Success has been bestowed to those who’s vision has always been ever so clear and the discipline that is required for their vision to materialise becomes a religion.

    “God is in the Detail”

    Thank you Japa your wisdom never ceases to amaze me. with alot of gratitude.


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