So You Know What People Really Think?

Have you ever noticed that people don’t always really say what they think?

I was in an elevator once in Singapore with a well dressed professional man who appeared to be in his late fifties. A young woman in extremely tight black pants, three inch heels and a low-cut red satin blouse stepped on at a middle floor.

He smiled in her direction and stated, “that’s a quite a stunning outfit.”

She gave him a big smile back, however, when she exited at the next floor and once the elevator door had closed, he turned and said to me…

“She looked like a tramp. How could a woman dress like that in a professional building?”

People rarely tell you what they really think, unless you insist. Especially when you’re the boss and you’ve just given a presentation, some will say “great job” and then they’ll slice and dice the speech when you’re out of sight.

People will not risk candour if there is nothing in it for them. So, if you want to know, you have to ask and also seek their opinion… You need to show that you really want to know.

Please take a moment to ponder… ask and seek opinions from the people close to you… be open to hear what they have to say in reply… it is only an opinion after all? It is not necessarily the truth… so relax… hear it and see what you can apply and learn.

Do not miss these opportunities for positive (or negative) feedback they can greatly improve you as a person.


Joseph Bismark
Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

One thought on “So You Know What People Really Think?

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