When Joseph ‘Japadas’ Bismark became the Group Managing Director of multimillion-dollar global conglomerate QI Group of Companies in December 2008, the face of the organisation that he co-founded a decade ago began to change.

Even as Mr Bismark took over the mantle from his partner, he had already established a firm channel of communication with employees of the organisation and thousands of entrepreneurial aspirants through his popular Gem of Wisdom (GOW) series.

A firm believer in the power of teamwork, he has repeatedly stated, “I am only as good as my team”.

What are the Gems of Wisdom?

“Welcome to the blog of the Gem of Wisdom (GOW) series. This is the place where I am able to share my thoughts and reflections on life with all of you. My treasured employees within the QI Group have long been privy to these Gems through an internal email I send out a few times a week. As many of the email’s readers shared the Gems with their friends and associates outside of the company, I had more and more requests to make my little Gems available to a wider audience.

It seems there are many people out there who want to take a more proactive approach in analysing the world around them and their place within that world, both literally and spiritually. And so, I decided to make my foray into the online universe in a humble attempt to spread a bit of what my own life experiences have taught me through these Gems of Wisdom. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them; such is the joy of sharing. Please join me in not only sharing my thoughts, but in sharing your own thoughts, comments, feedback, and even your own Gems of Wisdom, with me.”

— Joseph Bismark

Gems for All

True to that philosophy, Mr Bismark has empowered his team to give a voice to the changes they seek, helping him to lead the organisation into a new decade of excellence. Gems of Wisdom is that voice through which even the most junior employees of the group are able to take part in the evolution of the company and share their personal thoughts. By turning his Gem of Wisdom series into the Gems of Wisdom blog, Mr Bismark has opened that channel to everyone.