To Be Like the Bee

There are many lessons we can learn just by looking around us… from the most seemingly insignificant occurrences in nature to the most obvious of human behaviour.

Take, for example, the predispositions of the humble bumble bee and the common fly. Think about where you normally see these creatures. You will find the bee merrily buzzing around the sweet nectar of flowers. The fly, on the other hand, is drawn to the filthy places of rubbish bins and waste. The same can be seen in people. Some people choose to surround themselves with good by seeing the positive things in others and in the world around them. They recognise there is negativity and evil, but they choose to focus on what is good and right. They do not gossip about the badness of others. They do not finger point and bring people down. These people are ‘bee-like’. Then there are the ‘fly-like’ people. Attracted to the dark side of things, these people choose to see the negative and they draw the attention of other people towards the ills of something. They point out people’s flaws to third parties and they have no interest in helping the person they are talking about.

This is not to say that we must be blind to others’ faults. But if you are to draw attention to these faults, you should do so to the person concerned, and only with the motive of helping that person to improve. It is not for you to speak about that person’s flaws with other people, as this is non-constructive and serves no purpose other than the spread of malicious rumour that will not help the person involved.

Please take a moment to ponder… do not focus on the imperfections of others. We are imperfect ourselves. Before we correct others, let us first correct ourselves. We should be humble in what we see and do. We should be bee-like, and should avoid the trappings of viewing the world through the eyes of the garbage-seeking fly.


Joseph Bismark

Group Managing Director, QI Ltd

One thought on “To Be Like the Bee

  1. In life we must awake the conscious within us so that whatever we do , we do it out of awareness. Even if we internally know it when we are wrong we must be able to consciously correct ourselves. I love the bee aspect because a bee is always busy and focused on its work and ultimately provides us with honey..
    Mamta Chhabria

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