How to make peace with mortality

Our body is like an apartment. We don’t know how long we’ll be allowed to stay in it but we tend to live as if we’ll live in it forever. We have the tendency to abuse it as if our mortality is far-fetched. We tend to accumulate so much, forgetting the fact that we can’t take anything with us when we die.

Photo: JerryStocking.Com/Blog

Photo: JerryStocking.Com/Blog

In life, we are faced with two choices: we either build our life on a solid and deep spiritual foundation or build it on worldliness. When we go for the first option, we cultivate the relationship between the soul and the Supreme Person. When we choose the latter, we allow ourselves to be governed by materialism not really knowing that it will bring us nothing but suffering as satisfying the material body can never satisfy the needs of the soul.

The material existence is like an ocean. You’re not safe in it until you see land. The Titanic was touted as unsinkable yet it sunk and the tragedy claimed more than a thousand lives. We could die anytime from diseases, disasters and from acts of our fellow men – accidental or deliberate.  News of tragedies and our own brushes with death change our perspective and make us rearrange our priorities. We suddenly get consumed with the desire to live life to the fullest. We make amends. We become more caring. We get reminded of what’s truly important in our lives and that our day-to-day moments are priceless and unrepeatable. We make the most of each day through our encounters with our loved ones so that we would have as few regrets as possible. We commune more with the Supreme Person.

When we see hale and hearty old people, we feel happy about their being able to live a long healthy life. We’re especially impressed when we see some of them still having the strength and the stamina for running. The thought that we don’t want to entertain is that they’re actually running away from death. We don’t like to dwell on such a topic because it’s morbid and unsettling and it incites fear of the unknown. But there’s nothing to fear about death. The fear of death only identifies with the death of the material body that wears and tears and which we tend to falsely identify the soul with. We are not our material body. We are spirit souls. The soul is eternal and death is unnatural to the soul.

How do we make sure we’re prepared to face our death anytime? We prepare by strengthening our knowledge of who we are as spirit souls; hence, we should not build our life upon worldly things. What we should build is our relationship with our Maker, the Supreme Person. We should make the conscious effort to revive, renew and re-establish our connection with the Supreme Person however and whenever we can. We should cultivate spiritual knowledge and reorient our life toward spiritual living.  Our choices in life should be directed by our answers to the question ‘What is the eternal value of what I’m doing now?’ We should upgrade our consciousness, not degrade it. We should practice meditation to find an inner joy and serenity that nothing, not even physical death, can destroy. We should be at peace with the thought of the death of our material body. There is no pain in leaving the material world if we have the inner peace, freedom and readiness to be with the Supreme Person.


12 thoughts on “How to make peace with mortality

  1. Dear Mr. Bismark,

    Thank you for the gem, it reiterates how I feel leading a material life and would like to explore the spiritual path alongside.


    100% RIGHT!,this life as we know & live it,IS A DREAM!,WE ALL CAME empty handed(with closed fist’s into this world & WILL GO SO TOO,with OPEN HAND’S),WE came with nothing & WILL GO WITH NOTHING! :-),the only issue being how will one be remembered after they(the body)has gone,was & is my personal belief after being & coming out of coma(being brain dead),after 23 WONDERFUL DAY’S!
    this life of our’s,as we live it, IS ONLY & JUST A DREAM! & the BEST part being WE either make it & OR vice VERSA . BOOMSHANKAR!

  3. Thanks for this enlightening exert!

    I’m closely aligned with your thoughts! Today, i live my life daily following my duties (karma) as Rituals of this Spirit (SpiRitual) and being detached from the material desires, which eventually is going to leave behind!


  4. This article connected with an insight I had whilst teaching the other day. I have some students in Singapore who are unable to close their eyes in Savasana. I could not understand it for a long time as I love Savasana and the immense peace that flows into the body. Then I remembered a quote from Guruji: Savasana offers the possibility of “a small death, every moment, every day,” – Pattabhi Jois.
    Perhaps this fear is what stops them from releasing in Savasana…? Or maybe I am reading too much into it and they just want to leave the room and get on with the rest of their day:)

  5. the article is helpful. thank you.
    now a days, i am very confused with the spiritual things and materialistic things. I am an IR and i am not achieved great from this business.. but, i want to improve my self spiritually first then the materialistic business will be successful for me.
    this is what i am thinking, thank you. and love you.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Pradeep. Continue to work on your self-betterment. Soon, you’ll achieve what you have always wanted. Good luck to you!

  6. Dear Mr Bismark,
    Thankyou for your beautiful thoughts.

    We are all souls children of supreme soul…though we should not fear death but its seldom people get spiritual knowledge so now if we have that , the self and the god realization is there…,so now when we meditate the vibrations make this world a better place.Such elevated souls should take care of their bodies to help their minds be in service!!!!

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