Happiness is Within Us

I would like to share my thoughts on how each of us can make this new year a happy one for ourselves.

Happiness lies within us. Wherever we are and whatever circumstances surround us, we always have the choice to be happy.  We have the intelligence to discern that our personal happiness does not and should not depend on other people or things. But, when we’re sad or upset, we tend to blame others, the world and even God for our misfortunes. We may have the best things in life but if we carry grudges, resentments and the unforgiven past, we will never be happy. Happiness should be from the inside out.

Image: www.activerain.com

Image: www.activerain.com

It’s a mistake to seek happiness externally. Worldly things are temporary. It’s like participating in a game in a store where you’re allowed to take as much as you can at a given time but you’re not allowed to take anything home – just so you’d experience how it is to shop till you drop. It is simply pointless. There is no happiness in collecting material possessions as we don’t get to take them with us when it’s our time to cross over. The key to real happiness is to look internally, not externally. Happiness is within. To achieve that, we have to understand who we are – not the physical body, but the spirit soul. The goal of life is to build a relationship with the Supreme Being.

In 2014, I wish that all of us would be more introspective. It is through this that we get to have a bigger perspective on things and learn or relearn to find happiness from within ourselves.  It would seem that the world ended for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in my country, the Philippines, but they know that the sun is shining somewhere and that it would shine on them again very soon. Where there’s true happiness, we find goodness, hope, strength and resilience.

The Greek sage Epictetus once said that “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” May his words be etched in our hearts and minds.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “Happiness is Within Us

  1. Happiness is the treasure within so we have to learn to let it unfold from within.Always remember the pursuit of happiness Is the source of ALL UNHAPPINESS.

  2. The source, the origin is inside. External things are just the consequences. The first step of happyness is the inside equilibre, the harmony of our inside world. But most us just ignore or forget it

  3. Your must love yourself and know your inner self well. You own your happiness and it requires a high sense of self esteem in humility and not arogance. Treat your Body to grow and your soul will propell that inner joy and happiness fuels that soul irrespective of the obstacles that comes your way….Be happy as I am…very optimistic always. Happiness is in you too.

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